No. Image Title Airdate U.S. Viewers
1 HACF-4.1 "So It Goes" August 19, 2017 0.34
In the three years since their initial meeting, Joe and Gordon have built up a web provider known as CalNect, trying to stay ahead of the competition. Cameron, however, has remained distant, continuing to pursue her career at Atari.
2 HACF-4.2 "Signal to Noise" August 19, 2017 0.34
Gordon and his team struggle to obtain more bandwidth for CalNect's expanding user base, while Donna must deal with resistance from her new business partner at AGGEK. Joe and Cameron have an extended phone session playing catch up.
3 HACF-4.3 "Miscellaneous" August 26, 2017 0.27
Joe takes an interest in purchasing the Haley's Comet website, and Gordon reluctantly ends up hiring his daughter to continue working on it. Cameron's new game is leaked to a notable gaming magazine, producing a negative review.
4 HACF-4.4 "Tonya and Nancy" September 9, 2017 0.34
The Comet team begins hiring more employees to help index the ever-expanding web, while AGGEK's Rover finds itself falling behind. Meanwhile, Cameron finds out about Bosworth's debt while he assists her in fixing up her new trailer home.
5 HACF-4.5 "Nowhere Man" September 16, 2017 0.31
Suspicious of Rover's new algorithm, Donna stalls further support in order to get answers, pushing Bosworth to his breaking point in the process. Cameron, after receiving an unexpected visit from Tom, makes a confession to Joe.
6 HACF-4.6 "A Connection is Made" September 23, 2017 0.35
Donna seeks to hire a new programmer for Rover, but runs into trouble after Diane discovers the truth about the algorithm. Gordon has an argument with Haley concerning her grades, banning her from Comet until she can resolve it.
7 HACF-4.7 "Who Needs a Guy" September 30, 2017 0.32
Having lost her claim on Rover, Donna gives Gordon an idea for Comets direction, much to Joe's confusion. Cameron starts work on a new game, and Bosworth and Diane get married. Amidst of all this, something tragic occurs.
8 HACF-4.8 "Goodwill" October 7, 2017 0.33
Some time later, everyone heads over to Gordon's house to help clear it out. Donna has an argument with Joanie, and later makes amends with Cameron. Bosworth tries to get everyone together for dinner.
9 HACF-4.9 "Search" October 14, 2017 0.39
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10 HACF-4.10 1 "Ten of Swords'" October 14, 2017 0.39
To be Added
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