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No. Image Title Airdate U.S. Viewers
1 HACF-1.1.png "I/O" June 1, 2014
May 19, 2014 (Tumblr)
Joe MacMillan, a fast-talking salesman and enigmatic visionary, comes up with the idea to reverse engineer his former employer’s PC into something better and cheaper. All he needs are the right people to help him accomplish this.
2 HACF-1.2.png "FUD" June 8, 2014 0.97
Joe, Gordon, and Cameron must deal with legal threats from IBM before starting their work on a better PC. Even after their apparent success, the team faces another crisis that could prematurely end their pursuit.
3 HACF-1.3.png "High Plains Hardware" June 15, 2014 0.77
Gordon and Cameron continue to work on their new portable PC, but the problems it brings begin to pile up for them. Meanwhile, Joe and Bosworth try to attain the necessary funds in order to keep their project going.
4 HACF-1.4.png "Close to the Metal" June 22, 2014 0.84
As Cameron closes in on finishing the BIOS code for Cardiff's new PC, another crisis threatens to destroy all her hard work. Donna is brought in to help resolve the situation, but she is already struggling to keep her own job.
5 HACF-1.5.png "Adventure" June 29, 2014 0.58
In hopes of acquiring new LCD technology for their computer, Gordon must ask a favor of his stepfather and his business connections. Meanwhile, Cameron has an unexpected encounter with Joe MacMillan Senior.
6 HACF-1.6.png "Landfall" July 6, 2014 0.72
Cardiff's project nears completion, but Cameron is still not satisfied with what they have produced thus far. Gordon rushes to fulfill a promise made to Donna and his daughters, even as a hurricane ravages Texas.
7 HACF-1.7.png "Giant" July 13, 2014 0.83
In search of someone to design a case for their computer, Joe crosses paths with an old friend. Gordon, fed up with being bossed around, heads home to take care of his daughters while Donna goes on a business trip with Hunt.
8 HACF-1.8.png "The 214s" July 20, 2014 0.63
With COMDEX just around the corner, Cardiff suddenly finds themselves under a criminal investigation that could effectively terminate their entire project. The team must settle their differences with each other if they hope to push onward.
9 HACF-1.9.png "Up Helly Aa" July 27, 2014 0.55
Joe, Gordon, Cameron, and Donna finally arrive at COMDEX, only to find their reservations revoked. The team swiftly devises another way in, but soon discovers that the Giant refuses to boot up mere hours before their presentation.
10 HACF-1.10.png "1984" August 3, 2014 0.57
The new year has arrived, and the Giant appears to have been a commercial success. However, the sacrifices made have finally caught up with the team, splitting them apart and leaving each of them with an uncertain future.