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{{Infobox Season
{{Infobox Season
| image = HACFSeason3Cover.jpg
| image = [[File:HACFSeason3Cover.jpg|275px]]
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| caption = Great minds don't always think alike.
| caption = Great minds don't always think alike...
| episodes = 10
| episodes = 10
| premiere = August 23, 2016
| premiere = August 23, 2016

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Season 3
Great minds don't always think alike.
Episodes 10
Season Premiere August 23, 2016
Season Finale October 18, 2016
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Season 2 TBA
The Third Season of Halt and Catch Fire will premiere on August 23rd, 2016 on AMC.

Season Overview

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Cast & Characters

Main Cast
Recurring Cast


No. Image Title Airdate U.S. Viewers
1 HACF-3.1 "Valley of the Heart's Delight" August 23, 2016 0.37
Now residing in the Silicon Valley, Mutiny celebrates their newly achieved user base, but soon discovers a potentially better direction to take their network in. Meanwhile, Joe unveils his "Citadel" security software to the public... for free.
2 HACF-3.2 "One Way or Another" August 23, 2016 0.34
Cameron and Donna try to get their trading network off the ground while Gordon continues his lawsuit against MacMillan Utility, both with little success. Ryan, frustrated with his peers at Mutiny, turns to Joe in hopes of employment.
3 HACF-3.3 "Flipping the Switch" August 30, 2016 0.40
Bosworth and Diane head to Swap Meet in order to make their buyout offer, while an argument between Gordon and Donna escalates. Ryan is invited to Joe's board meeting, only to find that he has other plans for the distribution of Citadel.
4 HACF-3.4 "Rules of Honorable Play" September 6, 2016 0.31
Refusing to reach a compromise over Mutiny's code with the new hires from Swap Meet, Cameron fears that she is losing control. Joe, meanwhile, continues to work with Ryan on alternative strategies to preserve his original promise.
5 HACF-3.5 "Yerba Buena" September 13, 2016 0.32
Cameron and Bosworth head back over to Texas to catch up, while Gordon and Donna spend their 4th of July weekend together. Despite the arrival of some serious news, Joe and Ryan finally make some headway on their situation.
6 HACF-3.6 "And She Was" September 20, 2016 0.28
Joe moves forward with his and Ryans NSFnet plan, but the board is less than enthusiastic about the idea. Cameron and Gordon bond for the weekend while Donna takes some time to herself, and Bosworth grows closer to Diane.
7 HACF-3.7 "The Threshold" September 27, 2016 0.31
After his recent revelation, Joe is confronted by Gordon regarding the future of his company. During her wedding celebration, the building tension between Cameron and Donna ignites in a fierce ultimatum, fracturing the very heart of Mutiny.
8 HACF-3.8 "You Are Not Safe" October 4, 2016 0.37
Ryans rash decision has forced him into hiding. With the NSFnet project now on indefinite hold, Joe and Gordon must figure out how to proceed. Donna and Diane prepare to move forward with Mutiny's IPO, despite Cameron's departure.
9 HACF-3.9 "NIM" October 11, 2016 0.41
Four years have passed since Mutiny's descent. Joe arrives at COMDEX to catch up with Cameron, now living in Tokyo and working for Atari. Donna, now divorced, tries to make amends with her former colleague to pitch a new idea.
10 HACF-3.10 "NeXT" October 11, 2016 0.29
Despite their turbulent history and personal conflict, Joe, Gordon, Cameron, and Donna reconvene to combine their talents and ambitions once more in order to construct an idea that will bring them into the future - the World Wide Web.


AMC renewed Halt and Catch Fire for a third season on October 8th, 2015, nearly three months after the Season 2 finale. As with the previous seasons, it would premiere during the summer of 2016 and consist of 10 episodes. Series creators Christopher Cantwell and Christopher C. Rogers will now be the new showrunners for this season, with Jonathan Lisco stepping down from the role after the previous season.

The season was finally given an official premiere date of August 23rd, much later than the previous seasons. Its airing was also moved to Tuesdays instead of Sundays. The seasons first two episodes will premier back to back.



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