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Season 2
Welcome to Mutiny
Episodes 10
Season Premiere May 31, 2015
Season Finale August 2, 2015
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The Second Season of Halt and Catch Fire ran from May 31st to August 2nd, 2015 on AMC.

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No. Image Title Airdate U.S. Viewers
1 HACF-2.1.png "SETI" May 31, 2015 0.66
A year after the success of the Giant, Gordon leaves Cardiff Electric, which has been bought out by an overseas company. Cameron and Donna struggle to hold Mutiny together, and Joe has reconnected with an old friend.
2 HACF-2.2.png "New Coke" June 7, 2015 0.49
Joe reluctantly accepts a new job offer from Sara's father. Cameron hires John Bosworth into Mutiny, much to Donna's surprise. Gordon finds himself with an abundance of free time, unsure of how to spend any of it.
3 HACF-2.3.png "The Way In" June 14, 2015 0.45
Cameron has a difficult time adjusting to Mutiny's new hire, Tom Rendon, who expresses his disagreements with some of her ideas. Gordon and Donna reunite with Joe at a dinner party, and Bosworth tries to reconnect with his family.
4 HACF-2.4.png "Play with Friends" June 21, 2015 0.45
Joe recruits Gordon to help out with a project at Westgroup behind Jacobs back, but Gordon has a catch. Donnas conflicted relationship with Cameron escalates when her chat rooms are threatened to be cut from Mutiny's network.
5 HACF-2.5.png "Extract and Defend" June 28, 2015 0.54
Cameron discovers that Mutiny has been leasing their network from Joe, leading to an awkward reunion between the two at a business meeting with Jacob. Meanwhile, Gordon learns some shocking news about his health.
6 HACF-2.6.png "10Broad36" July 5, 2015 0.56
After Joe forces their hand, Mutiny must find a way to port their programs over to a Unix PC in order to keep their network active. Gordon visits his brother Henry, revealing his condition to him, and Donna is faced with a difficult decision.
7 HACF-2.7.png "Working for the Clampdown" July 12, 2015 0.50
Gordon finally reveals his condition to Donna, but assures her that things will be alright. Joe returns to Mutiny with an acquisition offer from Westgroup, and Camerons refusal to "sell out" sets her at odds with some of her colleagues.
8 HACF-2.8.png "Limbo" July 19, 2015 0.50
Mutiny hosts a party for their userbase, just in time for the release of their newest game - "Extract and Defend". Joe marries Sara and resigns from Westgroup. A paranoid Gordon fears that his newest business idea has been stolen.
9 HACF-2.9.png "Kali" July 26, 2015 0.59
In the wake of Westgroups hijacking, Cameron makes a sacrifice that upsets her relationship with Tom. Joe, racked with guilt, puts his own relationships on the line. Gordons psychological stress causes his condition to reach a tipping point.
10 HACF-2.10.png "Heaven Is a Place" August 2, 2015 0.49
Joe must come to terms with his recent betrayal, and figure out a way to get back into the game. Gordon makes a choice in order to save his marriage with Donna, and Cameron discovers a new playing field for the future of Mutiny.


It was announced on August 20th, 2014 that Halt and Catch Fire would be renewed for a second season, just a couple of weeks after the previous seasons finale.



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