• Hbk1966

    Like usual I like to research the episode names before hand and try to figure out what they're about.

    Valley of the Heart's Delight : Also known as Santa Clara Valley with is located south of San Fransico Bay. Which makes it part of Silicon Valley.

    One Way or Another : One Way or Another is one of my favorite songs. It's by Blondie and was released in 1978, So it does predate 1985 a bit.

    Flipping the Switch : Your guess is as good as mine...

    Rules of Honorable Play : Still no clue.

    Yerba Buena : Yerba buena is a name for some aromic plants. But, Yerba Buena is also a city in California.

    And She Was : And She Was is another great song, it's by Talking Heads and was released in 1985.

    The Threshold : Another vague title...

    You Are Not Safe : This is …

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